Ukraine war live updates: Europe's divisions over Ukraine and Russia are in plain sight as NATO allies meet to discuss the war

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Hungary volition ne'er nonstop weapons to Ukraine, overseas curate says

Hungary volition  ne'er  nonstop   weapons to Ukraine, overseas   curate  says

Hungary's Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó told CNBC connected Tuesday that the state volition ne'er nonstop weapons to Ukraine, saying that the "more weapons delivered, the longer the warfare volition take."

Szijjártó added that Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Russian President Vladimir Putin successful October to spot if determination is scope for bid successful the ongoing conflict.

Despite being a subordinate of the EU, Hungary has maintained comparatively friendlier ties with Russia, pushing backmost against European sanctions connected Moscow and against efforts to curb Russian lipid and state imports. Hungary has defended its continued vigor practice with russia, saying it needs to support vigor supplies and combat inflation.

— Karen Gilchrist, Holly Ellyatt

Russia conducting a 'hybrid operation' astatine borders, Finnish overseas curate tells CNBC

Russia has been allowing migrants without valid documents done to the Finnish border, arsenic good arsenic "mobilizing" radical toward Finland and the European Union, Finland's curate for overseas affairs Elina Valtonen told CNBC's Silvia Amaro connected Tuesday.

"We see this to beryllium a hybrid cognition by Russia," she said, adding that Finland had "responded accordingly" by deciding to unopen its full borderline with Russia.

'We person  decided to adjacent  the full  border' with Russia, says Finland's curate  for overseas   affairs

"We anticipation that Russia goes backmost to mean wherever they respect our treaties," Valtonen said. If treaties proceed to beryllium disrespected by Russia, borders whitethorn stay closed, she added.

Border closures whitethorn besides interaction radical who unrecorded crossed the 2 countries, and diplomatic missions that whitethorn different usage the crossings to travel into the West, she added.

"I deliberation this conscionable goes to amusement that Russia, successful its existent state, is utilizing each imaginable means to origin trouble," Valtonen said.

She besides addressed Ukraine's exertion to articulation NATO, saying Finland believed Ukraine's "rightful spot is successful NATO successful the future," portion pointing retired that the confederation cannot judge caller members if they are actively progressive successful a war.

"Whatever the steps are we tin instrumentality to beforehand Ukraine's rank successful NATO successful the aboriginal we volition instrumentality those steps," Valtonen said.

She besides reiterated enactment for Ukraine successful its "fight for freedom."

— Sophie Kiderlin

Germany is expanding its subject enactment for Ukraine: Foreign minister

"We are not lone keeping up our subject enactment for Ukraine's aforesaid defense, but we are expanding it by 8 cardinal euros [$8.79 billion]," Annalena Baerbock, Germany's overseas minister, said Tuesday successful effect to a question asked by CNBC's Silvia Amaro.

Baerbock added that the NATO-Ukraine forum — scheduled arsenic portion of the ongoing NATO gathering successful Brussels — besides makes wide "that the information and the bid successful Ukraine is besides the security for bid successful Europe."

Germany expanding  subject   enactment    for Ukraine, overseas   curate  says

— Sophie Kiderlin

Wife of Ukraine's subject quality main successful infirmary pursuing suspected poisoning

The woman of Ukraine's subject quality main has been admitted to infirmary with suspected poisoning, Ukrainian media reported Tuesday.

Sources successful the Ukrainian quality assemblage told the Kyiv Post quality outlet that Marianna Budanova, the woman of Ukraine's caput of intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, had been poisoned.

KYIV, UKRAINE - MARCH 10: Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, speaks during the farewell ceremonial for Dmytro Kotsiubailo connected Independence Square connected March 10, 2023 successful Kyiv, Ukraine. The farewell ceremonial for Dmytro Kotsiubailo known arsenic “Da Vinci” was held successful St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, and past the procession went to the Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square). 27-year-old “Da Vinci” was the commandant of the “Da Vinci Wolves” battalion arsenic portion of the 67th Separate Mechanized Brigade. Three days ago, Dmytro Kotsiubailo died successful a conflict with Russian troops connected the beforehand enactment adjacent Bakhmut. Dmytro became the archetypal unpaid who received the highest nationalist rubric of Hero of Ukraine during his beingness with the grant of the Order of the Gold Star for idiosyncratic courage. (Photo by Yurii Stefanyak/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images)

Global Images Ukraine | Getty Images News | Getty Images

When asked to corroborate reports that Budanova had been taken ill, a root successful Ukraine's Defense Intelligence was quoted arsenic telling the Kyiv Post: "Unfortunately this is true."

The Babel quality outlet said its quality sources had informed it that Budanova had been "poisoned with dense metals."

Budanova's information successful infirmary is chartless but Babel reported that "the people of attraction is present being completed, and past determination volition beryllium a check-up by the doctors," quoting an unnamed source. Budanova had been diagnosed with dense metallic damage.

"These substances are not utilized successful immoderate mode successful mundane beingness and subject affairs. Their beingness whitethorn bespeak a purposeful effort to poison a circumstantial person," the quality bureau said.

Media outlets said the suspected poisoning was being investigated and treated arsenic an attempted assassination.

— Holly Ellyatt

3,000 further Chechen fighters to beryllium sent to Ukraine, person says

Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov attends a subject parade connected Victory Day, which marks the 77th day of the triumph implicit Nazi Germany successful World War Two, successful the Chechen superior Grozny, Russia May 9, 2022. 

Chingis Kondarov | Reuters

Chechen person Ramzan Kadyrov said an further 3,000 Chechen fighters volition beryllium sent to combat successful Ukraine.

"To lick the tasks acceptable by our Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin, we volition not spare immoderate effort oregon resources," Kadyrov said connected Telegram Monday, adding: 

"This presumption is shared with maine by different 3 1000 worthy Chechen soldiers who person begun work arsenic portion of caller units of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian National Guard."

He said 2 caller regiments subordinate to Russia's defence ministry had been created, called "AKHMAT-Russia" and "AKHMAT-Chechnya." Kadyrov said astir of the troops person conflict acquisition and "the champion instrumentality and modern weapons." 

"In addition, the guys are highly combative and precise motivated to execute results."

Chechen fighters person a fierce estimation and 1 gained successful 2 wars fought against Russia successful the 1990s and aboriginal 2000s erstwhile the Chechen Republic sought independency from Russia. Times person changed since then, however, and Kadyrov is simply a Putin loyalist.

Kadyrov said the 3,000 Chechen unit were " the champion of the best" and described them arsenic "the ones who merit to beryllium the loyal ft soldiers of our unsurpassed person Vladimir Putin!"

— Holly Ellyatt

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