Salesforce CEO says Dreamforce is staying in San Francisco after reaching deal with mayor

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Marc Benioff, CEO of, speaks during a keynote astatine the Dreamforce 2023 league successful San Francisco connected Sept. 12, 2023.

Marlena Sloss | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Salesforce announced successful a Tuesday social-media post that the concern bundle maker's Dreamforce league for customers and partners volition stay successful San Francisco for 1 much year.

The connection comes months aft Marc Benioff, the company's co-founder and CEO, told the San Francisco Chronicle said the Dreamforce lawsuit that was planned for 2023 mightiness beryllium the past 1 successful the city. Some different exertion companies, specified arsenic Google and Oracle, person chosen to determination their events elsewhere arsenic media outlets person played up homelessness, cause usage and theft successful parts of the city.

Salesforce did upwind up holding Dreamforce earlier a assemblage of astir 40,000 this year, and Benioff pointed to cleanable sidewalks and attendees feeling safe. Police officers and others had reportedly pushed unhoused radical to migrate elsewhere. The assemblage was overmuch smaller than it was successful 2019, erstwhile 171,000 radical participated.

Ths year's conference, featuring OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and different guests, was slated to nutrient implicit $89 cardinal successful economical activity. Now the metropolis tin boast astir it sticking astir for astatine slightest 1 much year. It volition hap connected Sept. 17 done Sept. 19.

"We signed an extended statement with the metropolis that outlined the cardinal pieces we knew we needed!" Benioff told CNBC successful a substance message.

London Breed, San Francisco's mayor, thanked Benioff successful a post connected X, formerly known arsenic Twitter, that included a photograph of the two, clad successful Golden State Warriors hoops apparel.

In an X station of his own, Benioff said is "now the AI superior of the world." It's location to OpenAI and different notable artificial-intelligence startups, specified arsenic Adept AI and Anthropic. Salesforce utilized this year's Dreamforce league to amusement disconnected AI capabilities integrating with exertion from Anthropic and OpenAI.

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