Mahomes Mania: Can He Overtake Brady as the NFL's King?

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Just 3 years ago, Tom Brady cemented his bequest with his seventh and last Super Bowl victory. However, contiguous a young backmost appeared with a large accidental to surpass him: Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes' vocation trajectory is antithetic than Brady's.

His caller triumph successful Super Bowl LVIII with the Kansas City Chiefs solidified their imaginable to go the archetypal dynasty since Brady's New England Patriots. Mahomes has been: 3x Super Bowl Champion, 3x Super Bowl MVP, 2x Season MVP, 1x Offensive Player of the Year, 2x First-Team All-Pro, 1x Second-Team All-Pro, 6x Pro Bowl Selection, 2x NFL Passing Leader successful touchdowns, 1x NFL passing yards leader.

While nonstop comparisons betwixt Mahomes and Brady are analyzable by the antithetic eras and circumstances, it's worthy noting the important accomplishments. With his 3rd Super Bowl, Mahomes surpassed specified greats arsenic Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, John Elway and Roger Staubach.

He besides joined an elite nine on with Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Troy Aikman. Mahomes ranks 3rd all-time successful playoff wins (15), surpassing Manning, Steve Young, Elway and Bradshaw. Only Montana is up with 16, and Brady is simply a distant but terrifying archetypal with 35.

Mahomes is presently tied for 5th all-time successful playoff touchdown passes (41), surpassing Peyton Manning. He has the imaginable to scope Brett Favre (44), Aaron Rodgers and Joe Montana (45), and yet Brady's unthinkable 88.

In presumption of passing yards, helium passed Elway for eighth all-time with 5,135 yards. And remember, helium accomplished each of that successful conscionable 7 NFL seasons, with conscionable six arsenic a starting quarterback. Brady factor: Mahomes has a existent accidental to drawback up with Tom Brady, but it volition beryllium a large challenge.

His 7 Super Bowl wins stay a important obstacle. Mahomes acknowledges this burden: "It's ever going to beryllium pugnacious due to the fact that Brady won the Super Bowl. It's thing that volition ever beryllium successful the backmost of my mind." But helium channels it into motivation: "It motivates maine each day, to pursuit greatness.

Whenever I'm bushed oregon I don't privation to, I retrieve that I person to bash this much moments similar this."
If the Chiefs backmost him similar the Patriots backed Brady, we could soon beryllium debating which of Brady's seemingly untouchable records Mahomes dethrones. And past a truly heated statement volition interruption retired astir the existent GOAT.

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