Fantasy Football Week 14: Hayden Hurst Injury Update

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Fantasy Football Week 14: Hayden Hurst Injury Update © Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

Cincinnati Bengals' erstwhile standout choky end, Hayden Hurst, had rather the promising commencement to his career, catching 52 passes for 414 yards and 2 touchdowns successful 13 games past season. His singular show caught the attraction of the Carolina Panthers, who signed him to a lucrative three-year declaration during the 2023 offseason.

However, this play has been a stark opposition for Hurst. In 9 games, he's managed conscionable 18 receptions for 184 yards and a azygous touchdown. To marque matters worse, he's presently grappling with a terrible wounded that threatens to support him sidelined for an extended period.

Hayden Hurst's wounded saga has taken a toll connected the Carolina Panthers, who are acceptable to look their part rivals, the New Orleans Saints, successful Week 14. While the Panthers are nary longer successful the playoff race, they person the imaginable to spoil the Saints' hopes of clinching the NFC South rubric this season.

Unfortunately, they volition person to bash it without the services of Hayden Hurst, who has been ruled retired owed to a concussion. Despite participating successful squad practices starring up to the game, Hurst did not prosecute successful full-contact drills, signaling the seriousness of his condition.

Hayden Hurst's Injury Timeline

Hurst's concussion issues began successful Week 11, causing him to miss the matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. He remained inactive for the consequent games against the Tennessee Titans successful Week 12 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers successful Week 13.

Earlier successful the season, helium was concisely listed connected the wounded study owed to unwellness successful Week 9 but recovered to play against the Indianapolis Colts, wherever helium had his champion show of the twelvemonth with 4 catches for 54 yards.

The turning constituent successful Hurst's play appears to beryllium a deed helium took during the Week 10 crippled against the Chicago Bears. His father, Jerry Hurst, revealed that an autarkic neurologist diagnosed Hayden with Post Traumatic Amnesia arsenic a effect of the hit.

Post-traumatic amnesia is characterized by impermanent representation nonaccomplishment pursuing a encephalon injury, and it tin effect successful trouble recalling past events. Hayden Hurst himself confirmed that his information is not career-ending but admitted to having nary representation of events up to 4 hours aft the crippled against the Bears.

As for his instrumentality to the field, it remains uncertain arsenic helium misses his 4th consecutive game. Players nether concussion protocol indispensable implicit a rigorous five-phase process earlier being cleared to play, and Hurst's constricted information successful caller practices is simply a affirmative sign, considering helium had not practiced astatine each successful erstwhile weeks.

Despite the imaginable for his return, it's indispensable to temper expectations for Hayden Hurst's phantasy shot relevance this season. He hasn't delivered accordant phantasy production, with his highest constituent full being 15.1 successful PPR format, achieved successful Week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons.

Since then, helium has failed to scope double-digit phantasy points, with a specified 7.4 points successful Week 9 against the Colts. With the phantasy playoffs looming, determination are much reliable choky extremity options disposable to phantasy managers.

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