Bobby Green finds Arman Tsarukyan ‘boring’, calls out Max Holloway

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Bobby Green finds Arman Tsarukyan ‘boring’, calls retired Max Holloway © Mike Stobe / Getty Images

The lightweight part keeps connected getting much and much interesting; rather a fewer fighters are connected a dependable emergence – Bobby Green being 1 of them. Bobby’s existent signifier seems to beryllium lethal and could crook retired to beryllium a monolithic menace to each contenders successful the division.

He is presently ranked 13th successful the lightweight part and is conscionable a fewer steps distant from entering the apical 10. A triumph against Dan Hooker volition bash the job; they are acceptable to clash connected 2nd December. Interestingly, Bobby Green finds Arman Tsarukyan and his warring benignant boring and would emotion to debar warring specified contenders.

Bobby seems to beryllium much funny successful facing Max Holloway.

Bobby Green connected Arman Tsarukyan and Max Holloway

In a caller interrogation with The Schmo, Bobby Green shared his honorable sentiment connected Arman Tsarukyan and revealed wherefore helium wants to combat Max Holloway.

“I got a batch of radical that privation my name, a batch of radical that privation to combat me,” Green said, arsenic quoted by “A batch of radical are saying that they privation to get down present each of the abrupt that I’m hot.

Would I privation to combat those guys? That Arman feline is boring. I can’t basal watching him fight. Every clip I’ve watched him fight, I spell to sleep. Then helium calls out, ‘50 g’s! Dana [White], springiness maine 50 g’s!’.

I’m like, ‘For what?! What did you do? That was terrible.’ I don’t similar to combat the boring guys, those guys suck. That’s conscionable weird, those guys are weird. I respect Beneil, the enactment Beneil’s enactment in.

I similar Beneil, but that Arman feline is conscionable a unspeakable fighter. I had to already bash that with Dawson and Dawson was a sleeper. I don’t privation to support warring the boring guys, those guys suck”.

Green connected warring Max Holloway

"They’ve been saying Max Holloway’s the champion boxer successful the UFC, I’m like, ‘Bro, my boxing’s beauteous cold.’ Let’s find retired who’s the amended boxer.

He was talking astir coming to combat Gaethje. Nah, you gotta travel spot maine first. But I gotta ace that apical 10 earlier I tin get him”.

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